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G20 Interfaith Forum

The G20 Interfaith Forum is a platform for raising the level and effectiveness of religious inputs and providing a sharp focus on values on global policy issues.

Each year the IF20 draws on a global network of interreligious groups to address all aspects of the G20 agenda.

The 2022 IF20 agenda is under discussion both with IF20 partners and with Indonesian religious communities. With the central focus on themes of recovery, religious engagement on both COVID-19 response (vaccination, social protection measures, health sector development) and economic, social, and
financial architecture have central importance. A central continuing priority for the IF20 is concern for vulnerable groups such as refugees and children.

The concept note for the 2022 IF20 can be accessed here


Organizer :
G20 Interfaith Forum Association
International event
Last Event
2021, September 12 - 14, Bologne, Italy
Next event
2022, October 30-31 (TBC), Indonesia
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G20 Interfaith Forum