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G20 Interfaith Forum

The G20 Interfaith Forum is a platform for raising the level and effectiveness of religious inputs and providing a sharp focus on values on global policy issues.

Each year the IF20 draws on a global network of interreligious groups to address all aspects of the G20 agenda. Launched in 2014, during Australia’s Presidency of the G20, the Forum has developed into a sustained alliance of diverse religious leaders, practitioners from humanitarian, peacebuilding, and development organizations; and scholars. 

The 2022 IF20 is being held in UAE Abu Dhabi under the theme “Engaging Faith Communities – G20 Agendas and Beyond“.


Organizer :
G20 Interfaith Forum Association
International event
Last Event
2021, September 12 - 14, Bologne, Italy
Next event
2022, December 12 & 13. Abu Dhabi, UAE
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G20 Interfaith Forum