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World Scout Jamboree

The World Scout Jamboree is a major international event organised by the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). Held every four years, it brings together tens of thousands of Scouts, aged 14 to 17, from around the globe to promote cultural exchange, friendship, and adventure.

The first World Scout Jamboree was held in 1920 in London. With exceptions for the World War years and the Iranian Revolution, it has been organised every four years in different locations across the world.
In 2027 Poland will host the jamboree for the first time in the history welcoming more than 50,000 Scouts in Gdańsk.

Organizer :
World Organisation of Scout Movement
International event
Last Event
2023, 1 - 12 August, Saemangeum, Jeollabuk-do Province, South Korea
Next event
2027, 30 July - 8 August, Gdansk, Poland
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