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Dialogue Voices

The Dialogue Voices are personal accounts of interreligious commitment and experience. They show approaches to, and forms of, interreligious dialogue, and its impact and context on a local, national, or global level. They represent a cross-section of dialogue experiences and its impact worldwide.
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New Zealand: Together is Better

Nicole Simpson is a youth worker at Challenge 2000 New Zealand, a professional and innovative Youth Development Community. Nicole believes that interfaith is about connecting people from different walks of life by creating a common space for talks and open events.

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Educating Youth through Religious Dialogue in New Zealand

Farhanah Firdaus Francis is a young Malaysian student living in New Zealand and passionate about interfaith dialogue. She is an active member of an organization based in New Zealand called Hand Shake People, the members of which are from different faiths. The adults of the community are in charge of offering their support to the youth, educating them in order to ensure that they will be good leaders of the future.

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Joining People Together in New Zealand

Garreth Ferry, a social worker for Splice, an organization whose name derives from “joining ropes together”, and which is committed to bringing people together. In this respect, Splice strives to engage with a broad range of communities, from the poorest to the richest of society, ensuring everyone is treated the same. Despite having a Christian background, the organization does not talk about religion in its work, yet about the universal values that are shared by all faiths such as brotherhood, peace, and tolerance.

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Religious Diversity in New Zealand

Jocelyn Armstrong, founder and Chairwoman of the Religious Diversity Center in New Zealand, talks about the history that stands behind the establishment of her institution. The Center outstands for its name, which instead of referring to interfaith, refers to Diversity. According to Jocelyn, while interfaith attempts to bring together different traditions underestimating their distinctive features, diversity seeks to respect varied faiths paying particular attention to the difference itself.