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Dialogue Voices

The Dialogue Voices are personal accounts of interreligious commitment and experience. They show approaches to, and forms of, interreligious dialogue, and its impact and context on a local, national, or global level. They represent a cross-section of dialogue experiences and its impact worldwide.

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New Zealand: Together is Better

Nicole Simpson is a youth worker at Challenge 2000 New Zealand, a professional and innovative Youth Development Community. Nicole believes that interfaith is about connecting people from different walks of life by creating a common space for talks and open events.

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Interfaith Social Events in Ireland

Hajar Al Kaddo is a Muslim youth Representative of Interfaith Forum, an initiative whose essential aim is to promote mutual understanding between different faiths in numerous ways. Among them, one of the nicest and most prominant activities is a social event that takes place regularly in Ireland during which, as Hajar explains, thousands of people gather in a huge open air banquet sharing their traditions and cultures and celebrating religious diversity.

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Message of Togetherness in Mexico

Elias Gonzalez is a member of Carpe Diem, a non-profit foundation established in Guadalajara, Mexico. In order to spread the message of togetherness, which is the main mission of the foundation, the members of Carpe Diem organize different activities such as interfaith reunions, philosophy and yoga classes. In 2012, 2015, and 2017 they also held so-called “Universal Multicultural Dialogue in Latino America”, the largest event of interreligious dialogue in the region. Themes like poverty, marginalization, human rights, feminine spirituality, as well as different forms of prayer, economic problems, and ecology were addressed and discussed. Each topic was analyzed from an interreligious perspective.

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Facilitating Interfaith Dialogue at University

Sarah Peaker talks about an interfaith initiative promoted by the University College Cork in Ireland. Chaplaincy Center was established at the University to serve as an open space for prayer and meditation where people from all religious traditions and backgrounds are welcome. It is open to all students and staff, facilitating the integration of anyone and everyone. The main goal is to let people feel comfortable and part of a society in which everybody is respected regardless of the diverse religious identities.

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Promoting Interfaith at School in Tanzania

Diana Humpfrey is school administrator and teacher of law at Braeburn International School of Arusha, Tanzania. Pupils and students of the school come from a multinational backgrounds. The mission of Braeburn is to value and celebrate diversity in a supportive and friendly atmosphere. Multiculturalism and interfaith play a paramount role in the school and all the students are allowed to practice their religions openly. Strengthening global citizenship is one of the main goals together with promoting intercultural international understanding and respect.

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Iftar Party Helps Overcoming Misconceptions about Islam

Fareenah Maria is the youth representative of United Religions Initiatives (URI), a global grassroots interfaith network whose headquarters are located in India and Sri Lanka. Among all the different activities that URI brings forward, such as youth development training and programmes for women empowerment, the “Iftar Party” has revealed itself to be a unique occasions, where multitude of people from different faiths join the Iftar, the evening meal with which Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset.

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Interfaith Dialogue through Photojournalism in Lima

Cesar Cavero is a deistic Peruvian student of journalism who launched an individual initiative in his faculty with the intention to break down barriers between the Muslim and local communities in Lima. The uniqueness of Cesar’s project is his photos collection, which portrays the life of the Islamic congregation in the Peruvian capital, shedding light on the traditions of the Muslim community outside the walls of the mosque.

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Educating Youth through Religious Dialogue in New Zealand

Farhanah Firdaus Francis is a young Malaysian student living in New Zealand and passionate about interfaith dialogue. She is an active member of an organization based in New Zealand called Hand Shake People, the members of which are from different faiths. The adults of the community are in charge of offering their support to the youth, educating them in order to ensure that they will be good leaders of the future.

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Unity in Diversity in Colombia

Jessica Patillo is the head of United Nations of the Spirit, established in Colombia in December 2015 by Parmat Ventisuami, the Spiritual Master of Krishna’s Consciousness. The main philosophy of the UN of the Spirit says that mankind has a common origin – the Great Spirit – from which everything originates and which represents the element of unification among diverse religions and traditions.

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Christian Blogger Writes about Ramadan

Fenesoa Sergia is a Catholic Malagasy blogger of Mondo Blog, an online journal in which she published an article about Ramadan. Particularly interested in learning more about the Islamic tradition, Sergia contacted several Muslim friends to hear their personal stories around the holiday.