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Chief Imam, All India Imam Organisation

Dr. Imam Umer Ahmed Ilyasi is the Chief Imam of the All India Imam Organization which is a voice of half a million Imams of India who happens to be the religious and spiritual guide of 210 Million Indian Muslims. AIIO is recognized in that capacity and role both at the national and international level. This is the largest Imam Organization in the world and is so uniquely placed that prominent national and global bodies belonging to all walks of life utilize its services. Dr Imam Umer Ahmed Ilyasi has been awarded Doctorate of Philosophy by Desh Bhagat University in India which is one of the most prestigious universities among private Indian Universities. It is indeed the recognition of the multi-dimensional services that Dr. Ilyasi is rendering for the good of the nation, community and the global society. Upon recommendations of the Executive Council, International Organization for Educational Development - IOED Mission for the Educational Development and Economic Cooperation International Convention of Vienna on 18th April 1961 & 24th April 1963 concerning Diplomatic and Consular Relations, Dr Imam Umer Ahmed Ilyasi has been nominated as Lieutenant Governor to the Middle East Continent for IOED to represent the IOED in Asia-Pacific region. It is a rare distinction granted to an Imam of Mosque, which is being rightly, describes as a proud moment for the community of Imams of India and the world. He is known for taking positions in situations where most of the people prefer escapism. His convictions guide his actions. His personal relations with the top religious’ leadership from all the major religions at the national and international level are another asset that helps in building the bridges of understanding between quarters. Dr. Imam Ilyasi has received hundreds of national and international awards for contribution towards peace and harmony.