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Programme Director, Transcultural Psycho-social Educational Foundation (TPO Foundation), BiH

Professor, Stanford University

Professor, University of Zenica

Zilka Spahić Šiljak holds PhD in gender studies, MA in human rights and BA in Religious Studies. Her scope of work includes addressing cutting edge issues involving human rights, politics, religion, gender, education and peace-building with more than fifteen years experience in academic teaching, and work in governmental and non-governmental sectors. She is currently a research associate at Stanford University and runs TPO Foundation Sarajevo. As post-doctoral research fellow at Harvard University she published the book: Shining Humanity – Life Stories of Women Peacebuilders in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2014). She also served as deputy director of the Religious Studies in the Center for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies of the University of Sarajevo (2006-2012) and taught at the Religious Studies and gender Studies. In that period she published: Contesting Female, Feminist and Muslim Identities. Post-Socialist Contexts of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo, (2012); Women Religion and Politics (2010), Monotheistic Three Voices: Introduction to Judaism, Christianity and Islam, (2009). Biography as of 12.06.18

Main Publications

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  • 19.) Multi–authored book: Women Believers and Citizens, TPO Foundation, Center for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies : University of Sarajevo , 2009
  • 20.) Monograph: Women, Religion and Politics, Sarajevo: IMIC, CIPS and TPO : , 2010
  • 21.) Countering Violence With Dialogue, TPO Foundation and Medica Zenica : , 2011
  • 22.) Contesting Female, Feminist and Muslim Identities –Post–socialist Contexts of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo : CIPS of the University of Sarajevo , 2012