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Maria Teresa "Marites" Guingona-Africa, Ph.D.

  • Christianity
  • Philippines
  • Female
  • Philippines
  • South East Asia
  • Peacemakers' Circle Foundation, Inc.
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Founder and Executive Director, Peacemakers' Circle Foundation, Inc.

Marites Africa, Ph.D. has worked for the past twenty years on grassroots Muslim-Christian community-building around conflict-ridden communities in Metro Manila and North Cotabato, Mindanao. While she is a lecturer on Muslim-Christian Dialogue for Nation-Building and Conflict Transformation and Peace Among Religions at Ateneo de Manila University, she also founded and remains executive director of The Peacemakers’ Circle Foundation, Inc. This is an interfaith organization, which seeks to promote different forms of dialogue and build mutually respectful and harmonious relationships between people of diverse cultures and beliefs. Biography as at 27.12.17 The above biography narrative is based upon and sourced from: https://www.globalpeace.org/people/dr-marites-guingona-africa

Main Publications

  • 1.) Maria Theresa , Breath of a Stone God. : Breath of a Stone God. , Guingona-Africa : , 2017