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Civil Society and Program Officer, United Nations

Radia Bakkouch is working as a Civil Society and Program Officer at the UN. She was the head of research and documentation for the 5th season of the InterFaith Tour program, a world tour project of interfaith initiatives whose mission is to identify, study and promote practices that contribute to peace. She was president and director of advocacy and research of Coexister France, a non-formal education movement that offers young people of different beliefs a positive experience of diversity. She is a trainer and facilitator of numerous workshops and conferences in France and internationally on the connection between religion and social cohesion (notably for the UNAOC). She holds a master's degree in international public management from Sciences Po Paris (PSIA) where she specialized in the Middle East and in conflict resolution.

Main Publications

  • 1.) Radia Bakkouch, nouvelle présidente de Coexister : La Croix. , 2015
  • 2.) Eleanor, Beardsley. , In Secular French Schools, One Group Wants To Talk Religion : (NPR)Newspaper Source, EBSCOhost , 2015