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Abdulaziz Ude Islamic Institute

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    • Eastland School of Arts and Sciences, Ukwuorji-Owerri, Nigeria

    • No. 5 King Emetumah Street, Irete, Owerri, Nigeria
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Advance the course of Islam, the Muslim Ummah and Mankind through the dissemination of general learning in humanities, science, technology, research and entrepreneurship to all irrespective of religion, creed, race, ethnicity or nationality.


The Abdulaziz Ude Islamic Institute was founded on November 17, 1992.

IRD Activities

  • Interreligious Dialogue Activities

    The interreligious dialogue activities of the institute are aimed at bringing together men, women, youth, leaders, stakeholders, and other grassroots members of various religious, political and ethnic leaders and groups to experience and learn together the art of dialogue, reconciliation, and peace building. Opportunities are therefore provided for people to experience common shared values and apply same in promoting trust and reconciliation which will in turn equip them in building peace in their communities.

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