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Abraham Forum for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue

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  • Foro Abraham para el Di�logo Interreligioso e Intercultural

    • Paseo Alameda de Osuna,76, 4�A, Esc. izquierda Madrid (28042) Spain
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Foro Abraham para el Di�logo Interreligioso e Intercultural is a non-profit organization based in Madrid (Spain). Since 2008, it has promoted a permanent dialogue between persons and communities of different creed and beliefs. The aim is to foster mutual understanding, coexistence, respect of minorities and a culture of peace through the activities.. The organisation open opportunities for dialogue within a sociocultural and apolitical frame. There is total respect for the beliefs of its members and of the persons who participate in the activities.


This initiative was established as a result of a summer course at the University of La Gomera (July 2008), which proposed a seminar under the heading: "Towards peace from monotheisms: religions, a factor of peace or war in our world?".