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Abrahamic Alliance International

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Unite Jews, Christians, and Muslims for active peacebuilding and poverty relief.


AAi vision was born in Alexandria, Egypt during the 2006 war between Israel and Lebanon. Rod Cardoza, AAi founder, traveled to Washington, DC in May 2007 to present at the Annual Conference on Muslim Peace, Justice and Interfaith Dialogue, and call others to join in the vision. Abrahamic Alliance International incorporated in April 2008, amidst unprecedented global initiatives to build peace between Abrahamic faith communities—many of which were launched by senior leaders completely unaware that faithful members of other Abrahamic communities were being similarly led by God to unite on the basis of the common ground proclaimed by all three: love of God and neighbor.

IRD Activities

  • Abrahamic Compassion

    Unite Jews, Christians and Muslims to serve the poor, suffering and marginalised, partnering with local charities to love our neighbours together while building bridges of understanding and friendship with each other in a context of compassion

  • Peacebuilding Seminars

    AAi brings graduate-level education from world-class scholars to grassroots Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities who want to learn about their Abrahamic neighbors and collaborate with them in compassion

  • Peacemaker Mentoring

    Equip and assist Jews, Christians and Muslims to mentor peacemakers in their own faith community, as well as in other Abrahamic faith communities, according to peacebuilding principles rooted in our respective sacred Scriptures

  • International Relief

    Unite existing Jewish, Christian and Muslim humanitarian relief organisations to cooperate and collaborate not only to leverage additional resources and personnel to accomplish shared goals, but also to demonstrate our ability to transcend significant religious and organisational differences in order to model peaceful coexistence and love of neighbour according to all that the prophets have spoken. Prepare, equip and train humanitarian relief personnel with peacemaking and conflict transformation skills to effectively meet the challenges posed by interfaith collaboration

  • peaceWATCH (discontinued)

    Broadcast internet-based TV channel enabling Jews, Christians and Muslims to listen to and learn from each other, building bridges of understanding and respect with music, comedy, documentaries, lectures, news, interviews and more.

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