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Academy of World Religions

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  • Akademie der Weltreligionen

    • HX5M+3R Hamburg, Germany
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Establish interreligious dialogue in research and teaching; offer a platform/network for academic issues and dialogue of theologians of world religions in a scientific context.


In the late 1990s, a working group of scientists and representatives of different religious communities came together in Hamburg and developed the vision of a Academy of World Religions. In 2006, the Interdisciplinary Centre for World Religions in Dialogue was founded at the University of Hamburg. In 2010, with the support of the University and the Bureau of the Hamburg Senate, the Academy of World Religions at the University of Hamburg has been established.

IRD Activities

  • 'Religion und Dialog in modernen Gesellschaften' (Religion and Dialogue in Modern Societies)

    This projects investigates through interdisciplinary and international comparative studies the possibilities and limitations of interreligious dialogue

  • 'Religionen und Dialog in der Stadt Hamburg' (Religions and Dialogue in the City of Hamburg)

    This series of events is part of the Forum Humanum Visiting Professorship. It offers a platform for the exchange between the AWR and politicians of the city of Hamburg

  • 'Die Lange Nacht der Weltreligionen' (The Long Night of World Religions)

    This event takes place once a year and offers an insight into manuscripts, music, and dances of the world religions

  • 'Kunst im interreligioesen Dialog' (Arts in Interreligious Dialogue)

    A series of events in cooperation with the Hamburger Kunsthalle and the Gustav Prietsch-Stiftung

  • 'Interreligioeser Feiertagskalender' (Interreligious Holiday Calendar)

    Religious public holidays represented in Hamburg are explained by experts in the scientific field and commented by students from Hamburg.

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    Hamburg, Germany - Oslo, Norway - Stockholm, Sweden - Duisburg, Germany - Hamburg, Germany - Hamburg, Germany - Hamburg, Germany - Hamburg, Germany