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Adyan Foundation

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  • أديان: مؤسسة لبنانية للدراسات الدينية والتضامن الروحي

    • Majdalani Bldg. 8th floor, Aalam St., Badaro District, Beirut, Lebanon
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Valuing cultural and religious diversity in its conceptual and practical dimensions, and promoting coexistence and diversity management among individuals and communities, on the social, political, educational and spiritual levels.


Adyan Foundation was founded on 6 August 2006 by members from Christian and Muslim denominations.

IRD Activities

  • Capacity-Building Workshops

    Adyan Foundation offers a variety of workshops including Awareness and Capacity-Building (consists of lectures, short workshops and testimonials to spread mutual understanding and knowledge about interreligious issues, dialogue and spiritual solidarity within the Lebanese Society), Long Term Trainings (allows them to understand the dynamics and the differences between sectarianism, citizenship and religious belonging, and that a national identity that does not contradict religious identity but includes religious pluralism), Training on Dialogue and Diversity Management, TFET on Religious Education for Peace and Citizenship, Training for Educators on religious diversity and citizenship, TFET on Religious Education for Peace and Citizenship, and TOT on citizenship and coexistence in Lebanon

  • Education for Intercultural Citizenship

    It provides educators, trainers, and educational policy makers with the needed knowledge, tools and skills for a better understanding and efficient implementation of education on diversity, interculture, and citizenship in the context of the post-Arab revolutions

  • The Leaders for Interreligious Understanding Program

    It aims to build the cognitive, behavioral and entrepreneurial capacities of young European and Arab leaders in managing religious diversity and to develop their role as change agents for social cohesion and peace-building within and between societies. This is reached through a cross-cultural dialogue and integrative formation process, with a framework of partnership and common initiatives as well as within a multi-faith and international network

  • The National Spiritual Solidarity Day

    On the last Saturday of October, Adyan organises a national interfaith encounter following the paradigm of the historic Assisi Interfaith Gathering of 1986. The main objective of this programme is to develop a shared understanding of common values among the different religious communities and to enhance spiritual solidarity between their leaders and members

  • The Spiritual Solidarity Award

    It is a yearly award offered by Adyan Foundation. It aims at encouraging and honouring the people who work for and devote their lives to developing and strengthening solidarity and unity between people belonging to different religions, especially in contexts of tension and violence

  • Building Resilience and Reconciliation Through Peace Education

    It aims primarily to increase availability of human and educational resources for peace education and interfaith coexistence and reconciliation among the Syrian refugees in Lebanon and inside Syria

  • Research and Publications

    The book ‘Ave Maria, Muslim and Christian Reflections on the Virgin Mary', in Arabic language, is a collective work that gathers reflections on Mary from Muslim and Christian feminine voices. It is presented as a series of academic articles that join serious reflection with a spiritual dimension, and offers a multiple understanding founded on the Scripture, Bible and Qur'an, on symbolism and on the mystical and anthropological approach (Divine Hospitality, Christian and Muslim theologies of the other). This book, presents to readers, Christians, Muslims and others, a clear presentation of the question of religious diversity from a faith-based perspective. In other words, it tries to clarify what Christian faith on the one hand and Muslim faith on the other, say about religious otherness and about the relation between God and a believer from a different religion

  • Adyan Interfaith Networks

    The Adyan Volunteers' Network disseminates the foundation's values and the advocacy for its causes, especially among the youth, through cultural, social and spiritual activities and daily witness. The Adyan Youth Network is a space where young Lebanese can explore and experiment the cultural and religious diversity as well as the interfaith solidarity. It also helps in monitoring the situation of coexistence and its challenges among the youth, building their capacities in order to establish a better generation and supporting them in their role of social change agents. The Interfaith Family Network gathers couples from different religious backgrounds and represents a space for sharing experiences in relation to the couple and family life and its values, as well as for experiencing and building interfaith solidarity and interreligious relations with the group and its social environment. The Prayer Network: Adyan believes in the importance of prayers and that all authentic prayers are heard. Adyan also firmly believes that spiritual solidarity allows people from different religions to join in their prayers. They do not join in the same form of prayer, out of respect to each tradition's specificities, but they pray, each in his/her own way and each in his/her own place, for the same intent, suggested occasionally by Adyan.

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