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Agency for Cooperation and Research in Development

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    • ACORD, ACK Garden Annex, 4th Floor, 1st Ngong Avenue, Nairobi, Kenya

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Work towards a society in which all citizens are equally able to achieve their rights and fulfil their responsibilities; work in common cause with poor people and those who have been denied their rights to obtain social justice and development and be part of locally rooted citizen movements.


The Agency for Cooperation and Research in Development (ACORD) was established in 1976 as a consortium of international non-governmental organisations (NGOs), with the purpose of collectively responding to emergency situations in some of Africa's poorest, most crisis prone, and marginalised areas. Over the years, the work developed further into relief, rehabilitation, long-term programming research, and capacity building.

IRD Activities

  • Peace Programme Chad, CAR, Sudan, South Sudan

    ACORD and CCFD-Terre Solidaire, have committed to working for sustainable peace in Chad, Central African Republic, Sudan and South Sudan through a 10-year comprehensive programme (2012-2022). The project involves different issues ranging from joint natural resource management (land and water), identities (cultural, religious, and generational) and political governance (institutions, democracy, and impartiality of the state). The project includes inter-religious activities in some of these countries such as an inter-religious dialogue project in Chad, and a forum on national identity and peaceful coexistence in the Central African Republic.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Chad - Central African Republic - Sudan - South Sudan