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Al-Hakim Foundation

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    • Al-eshreen Sequar, Al-Najaf, Iraq

    • 245 E 40th street #5D, New York, NY 10016, USA
      Route de Ferney 150, PO Box 2100, 1211 Geneva 2, Switzerland
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Promote intellectual excellence, religious dialogue and cultural understanding; bring relief to the poor and those thus disposed, providing access to education and promoting democracy and good governance within civil society; use wisdom and good guidance for educating people into the rule of law and human rights; promote social and peaceful coexistence among religions, different schools of thought, ethnic groups and various cultures while rejecting factionalism; encourage a spirit of tolerance, love, friendship and equality; oppose extremism and radicalism; encourage dialogue among revealed religions, religious schools and doctrines, and mobilize society against discrimination, chauvinism and factionalism; reinforce complementaries and encourage coordination among international institutions that share similar activities in the promotion of education, humanitarian and intercultural activities, and enhance the role of civil society; help youth by developing their cultural and educational capabilities, offering workshops and supporting university students by various means; assist in projects aimed at the protection of the family and the education of orphans and children; build sport and recreation facilities for the youth.


The Foundation was established in July 2004 for promoting intellectual excellence, religious dialogue and cultural understanding. The Foundation was registered with the Ministry of Planning and Economic Cooperation and other governmental offices in Iraq in July 2004. In 2007 the foundation gets the special consultative statues with the ECOSOC of UN.

IRD Activities

  • Annual Conferences

    The purpose of annual conferences are to study the situation of women in Iraq and Iraqi communities abroad, to present studies and research, whose purpose is to discuss important human issues and new phenomena impacting upon the lives of all human beings, to foster tolerance and dialogue among the different religions and schools of thought, to analyse the means to be used to put an end to wars and violence among religious and ethnic groups, and to tackle terrorism and the sources encouraging its existence.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Baghdad, Iraq - Al Najaf, Iraq - New York, NY, USA - Beirut, Lebanon - Geneva, Switzerland