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Al-Liqa’ Center for Religious and Heritage Studies in the Holy Land

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    • 54-56 Al-Quds Jerusalem Stree, Bethlehem, State of Palestine

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Make both Christians and Muslims understand and accept each other in order to create a suitable atmosphere for a common living; Encourage interfaith and cultural dialogues between different peoples and religions in the Holy Land; Put an end to attempts by those who try to exploit religions for their own ends; Pave the way for justice and peace and to work for the rights of the oppressed, the poor and the marginalized in society; Focus on current pressing issues and problems facing society; Create awareness for pluralistic, democratic and civil society as well as commitment to human rights; Promote awareness and commitment to society and peace among the youth; Organize lectures, conferences and study days to further the mission of the Center; Publish newsletters, journals and books to proliferate the message of the center locally and internationally.


This Center, which was established in 1982 by a number of Palestinian Muslim and Christian academic and religious leaders, has created a lively dialogue and has fostered understanding between the people of these two religions, Christianity and Islam, and between them and Judaism. In addition, the Center has helped to define the role of the local church and to formulate a Contextualized Theology.

IRD Activities

  • The Annual Christian-Muslim Dialogue Conference

    The Conference on "Arab Christian and Muslim Heritage in the Holy Land" which held its first session in 1983 in Jerusalem was the first fruit of the effort by a number of Christian and Muslim founders. The Heritage Conference is a unique conference in the Orient and in the West. For the march which began in 1983 was prepared for seriously years before its meeting. The march continues, strong, giving and serving our society until this moment. Dialogue among Christian and Muslim Arabs is not something new. It is rather a continuation of the dialogues and meetings carried out by our fathers since the beginning of the call to Islam and until this day

  • Christian-Muslim-Jewish Dialog

    The experience in the Christian-Muslim-Jewish dialogue in the Holy Land has taken place before the beginning of the official negotiations between the Palestinians and the Israelis in 1991. A delegation from Al-Liqa' Center and a delegation of Jewish clergymen engaged in a dialogue about the concept of the Holy Land in the three divine religions. This first meeting was held in 1989 in the city of Sigtuna in Sweden under the sponsorship of the Swedish institution "Life and Peace". After this meeting, several meetings were held under international sponsorship in order to follow up on the dialogue activity, and this took place in Italy, Japan, Switzerland, Norway, Greece, Cyprus, etc… These meetings have encouraged the two parties to meet in the Holy Land either in Jerusalem or at Al-Liqa' Center in Bethlehem or in another places to follow up the dialogue with the aim of presenting the religious point of view as its holders believe in discussing objectively and scientifically with the aim of reaching points of meeting and understanding. The importance of this dialogue is to expose the mistakes of politicized religious interpretations which serve political ends for one party at the expense of the other party

  • Youth Programs

    Based on the long experience acquired by the Board of Al-Liqa' Center in the two conferences of Heritage and Theology, they decided to establish the youth section at the Center due to the important role of youth in planting the seeds of love, understanding, renouncing sectarianism and discrimination, working toward mutual respect and building a democratic and pluralistic society. Accordingly, the first youth conference was held in 1993. Since that time and up to the present days Christian and Muslim Youth Program is going on and in their meetings they are discussing many questions of interest for them and for the homeland. The interest of Al-Liqa' Center in the youth was prominent by holding lectures, seminars and contests for students of preparatory and secondary schools in several regions either during the month of blessed Ramadan or the Lent period or in other religious occasions. The goal was to increase the religious and national awareness of the youth and to encourage them in constructive dialogue and mutual respect

  • Public Lectures in Arabic for Local Communities

    Throughout the year the Center is sponsoring occasional lectures in the Arabic language on various college campuses, in schools, in different towns and villages, as well major urban centers. It is important that understanding of interfaith relations should be encouraged in the grassroots communities which are the seedbed of Arab culture. The "outreach" dimension of Al-Liqa' Center program is intended to foster a true spirit of ecumenical fellowship among the various churches and to strengthen understanding between the Christian and non-Christian communities

  • Study Days

    Al-Liqa' believes that "Study Days" are a good occasion for scholars, religious leader, youth, educators, and students, to meet and discuss together in a democratic atmosphere some of the current and important cultural and religious issues, such as dialogue, the peace process, democracy, identity, contextual theology, and cultural and social problems. The idea is to have one specific subject for each study day and to ask two or three people to write their reflections on it. The reflections to the participants one week before will be distributed, in order to for them to be well prepared. Their contribution will enrich the discussed subject. These study days will create friendship between the participants and develop better relations and understanding. The study days are inseparable part of Al-Liqa' programs and activities in which subjects of great importance and interest are discussed. These study days are aiming to fulfill Al-Liqa's goals and aims, especially the living together in peace and dignity. The study days are organized for youth groups, women groups, academicians, Muslim and Christian clergy, theologians, pilgrim groups, social workers, etc.

  • Al-Liqa' Branch in Israel

    Many of the people who live in Galilee know about Al-Liqa's work and many are continuously requesting Al-Liqa' to have a branch of Al-Liqa' Center in one of the cities in Galilee, in order to increase the awareness of youth and adults about the importance of religious and cultural dialogue and a life together. In 2005 Al-Liqa' began holding activities in the Galilee. These activities were enthusiastically received. Al-Liqa' plans to continue the programs there and the build on the success of 2005. Galilee urgently needs the work in order to diminish religious, cultural and political extremism. Al-Liqa' believes that it is the right place to introduce Al-Liqa's work. This will be a good step towards helping both Arabs and Jews to strengthen their relations, to respect each other and to live in peace and freedom. Al-Liqa' will focus especially on youth, schools and university students since all are studying and living together: Jews, Muslims, Druze and Christians.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

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