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Al- Liqa’ Center

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Al- Liqa' center aims to:; make both Christians and Muslims understand and accept each other in order to create a suitable atmosphere for a common living.; - encourage interfaith and cultural dialogues between different people and religions in the Holy land.; - put an end to attempts by those who try to exploit religions for their own ends.; - pave the way for justice and peace and work for the rights oppressed, the poor and the marginalized in society. ; - focus on current pressing issues and problems facing society.; - create awareness for pluralistic, democratic and civil society as well as commitment to human rights.; - promote awareness and commitment to society and peace among the youth.; - organize lectures, conferences and study days to further the mission of the center.; - publish newsletters, journals and books to proliferate the message of the center locally and internationally.


The civil war in Lebanon which began in 1975 had an effect on the emergency or religious fanaticism here and there in Palestine specially because Israeli and Western media focused on religious dimensions and that the Lebanese war is a war between Christians and Muslims. It should be noted that religion was not the reason of this war. However international and Middle Eastern interests found in Lebanon the suitable place to get the entire country involved in this war which had many causes among which are the political and economic causes. Also, the effect of the Iranian Revolution in 1979 on the whole region when Islamic movements began to grow in a noticeable way. On the other hand, Zionist Christianity began to infiltrate more and more in our Arab East and it established institutions to serve its interests and the interests of Israel by strengthening the role of the media they have. All these are parts of other reasons which motivated a number of Christians and Muslims to work together in order to confront what is happening on the Palestinian land, to raise the awareness of the citizens and to alert them to the conspiracies contrived by the occupation and its media and by a large number of Westerners and their media which aimed to create sectarian and divisive conditions with which the Palestinians would get preoccupied with instead of dedicating their time to solving their political, social, and economic issues.

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  • . Wednesday Forum which is held monthly throughout the year are attended by Palestinians who represent all segments of society including academicians, businessmen, university professors, politicians and representatives of national institutions in the country. Each forum focuses on a topic which suits current developments and events, palestine

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