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Al Mouwafaqa Ecumenical Institute of Theology

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  • Ecum�nique de Th�ologie Al Mouwafaqa

    • 24 Avenue du Chellah, Rabat- Hassan, Morocco
  • www.almowafaqa.com

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The institute was created to meet their needs of formation and ecumenical, interreligious, and intercultural dialogue in Morocco. As such, it is not only an ephemeral concession, but fits into and reinforces a historical intellectual experience. Morocco is at the crossroad between Europe, Africa and the Arab World, at the heart of the issues that tear the world today. A society in transition between tradition and modernity. The Al Mouwafaqa has a place of formation and meetings unique in the world because of its ecumenical character, its commitment to interreligious dialogue. The institute offers courses (university type), training, and activities for a wider audience: seminars on Islam ology, training of leaders of so- called house of churches, and conferences. Al Mouwafaqa also participates in university research on socio-religious themes


The Al Mouwafaqa Institute was created to be a tool in the service of peace and mutual understanding. It was created by various Christian churches of Morocco in a region in which Islam is the majority.

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  • . Offering a Bachelor of Theology program which combines classical theologiy with originality, Morocco

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