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Al-Mustafa International University

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  • جامعة المصطفى العالميّة

    • Al-Mustafa Open University, Saheli St, Qom, Iran

    • MIU India, 18, Tilak Marg Road, New Delhi, India
      Al-Mostafa Islamic College, PO Box 26175, Luthuli drive, plot 5, Bugolobi, Kampala, Uganda
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Fulfil the needs of the thirsty for knowledge and disseminate Islamic teachings; generate internationally recognized thoughts, train knowledgeable, refined, and responsible students who are effective in international scientific-religious occasions; use experiences, modern technologies, insist upon preserving and improving traditional, seminary-based methods; train devout, responsible, time oriented religious scholars in Islamic and humanities fields, introduce, produce and publicize religious thoughts, and support seminary schools which are effective in religious and scientific fields.


The University was established in 1979.

IRD Activities

  • Dialogue Among Religions Centre

    Religion has always been a key element in reinforcing the pioneering cultures and therefore, an accurate recognition and deep understanding of religion, thoughts and religious cultures is of utter importance. Dialogue among religions, is the only straight-line solution for acquirement of mutual religious understanding. The International Al-Mustafa University has made efforts in founding the Dialogue Among Religions Centre in order to achieve the following goals - joint planning of religions, mutual understanding, efforts for saving the human society from different crises, different religions' mutual understanding on religion and belief, resolving differences between religions, reinforcement of religious spirit, taking joint stances, and resolving contentions between religions. Several conferences, specialised seminars and research projects on these subjects are held annually inside Iran and abroad.

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