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Aladdin Project

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  • مشروع علاء الدين; Projekt Aladin; Projet Aladin; Projesi Aladdin

    • 8, rue de Prague, 75012 Paris, France
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Promote harmonious intercultural relations, particularly among Jews and Muslims; facilitate mutual knowledge; reach out to those who yearn and work for peace and mutual respect; promote greater mutual knowledge among peoples of different cultures and religions, particularly Jews and Muslims; bring about changes in attitudes and perceptions and develop a culture of peace and tolerance.


The Aladdin Project was launched under the patronage of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in March 2009, and has since been supported by more than 1,000 intellectuals, academics and public figures from over 50 countries in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America.

IRD Activities

  • Aladdin Summer University

    The International Summer University for intercultural leadership is an annual initiative for intercultural and interreligious leadership and aims at bringing together students from Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and the USA in order to develop their intercultural skills and give them the opportunity to understand and integrate the values and objectives settled by the Aladdin Project, and better contribute to their achievement

  • Online Certificates on Jewish-Islamic Relations

    An online post-graduate educational programme on the Jewish-Islamic relations, dialogue and cultures designed for students of Islam and Judaism or interreligious relation between Islam and Judaism and delivered on an academic level. The programme can be offered by universities already having an Islamic-Jewish dialogue studies centre. In other cases, the Project Aladdin may fund a university in order to establish an Islamic-Jewish dialogue studies centre. The programme aims at development of the sources based on pedagogical and communal levels for giving an accurate definition of the Islamic-Jewish relations, promoting activities between Muslims and Jews and providing technical assistance for institutions and cooperative communities which aim at influencing the Islamic-Jewish relations

  • Know the Religion of thy Neighbour. Young Imams, Priests, Rabbis

    This project aims at cultivating the values of tolerance and respect for others through underlining the importance of familiarising future religious leaders with the other monotheistic religions and the values that they share.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Istanbul, Turkey - Berlin, Germany - Cappadocia, Turkey - Virtual - Paris, France - Cairo, Egypt