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American Islamic Congress

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Combat negative stereotypes and provide an American Muslim voice in speaking out against extremism and terrorism; support human and civil rights activists and programmes in the Middle East and North Africa through its international bureaus and numerous programmes, conferences, and training workshops; change the discourse both within the American Muslim community and in American society in general by organising numerous interfaith and interethnic events, providing discussion guides and educational curriculum to the public, and launching a student-led campus initiative that offers an alternative Muslim voice and a civic identity grounded in pluralism and progressive thinking.


AIC was founded in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001 by a diverse group of American Muslims to combat negative stereotypes and to provide an American Muslim voice in speaking out against extremism and terrorism.

IRD Activities

  • Interfaith Councils

    AIC's Interfaith Councils provide a venue for the American Muslim community to come together to express and to celebrate community's cultural richness through events, forums for dialogue on issues and establishes relationships through community multicultural events and round table discussions. AIC provides and alternative community setting to meet, interact and share. The Interfaith Councils promote pluralistic American Muslim identity and interfaith understanding

  • Witness Series

    A pioneering partnership between AIC and the American Jewish Committee, “Witness” focuses on human stories to educate the public about Muslims' and Jews' shared history in the Middle East and shared stake in protecting human rights in the region. The “Witness” series looks beyond the Israeli-Palestinian conflict's headlines to stories of individuals who have endured human rights repression elsewhere in the region. Building common ground by sharing parallel experiences, the series presents a new prism through which to view Muslim-Jewish relations. Events are typically thematic – e.g., “Behind Bars” – and feature speakers sharing deeply personal stories, sometimes revealing suffering never before spoken about in public.

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