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Anglican Episcopal Church of Peru

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  • Iglesia Anglicana Episcopal del Peru

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The mission of the Anglican Church involves two things, the spiritual and material good of mankind, because the love of Christ encompasses the whole of life. It is not simply "saving souls", nor is it "feeding the hungry." Our Christian mission is to restore all peoples to communion with God and with one another in Christ. The Diocese of Peru is a Church with a mission, which seeks to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus the Christ, preach service and witness; make disciples and draw them with loving witness to the community; As well as preparing and sending them on mission. It is a Peruvian Church that aims to clearly have an Anglican identity.


The Anglican Church is a historical Church that has its origins in the first centuries of the Christian faith. It is a Church with its own identity and a rich heritage. It has existed in Peru officially since 1846, evolving from the Church of England. It is strongly involved in religious life and mission. This page is designed to give you a brief introduction to it. The Anglican Church or Communion is part of a worldwide Christian family of provinces and dioceses that are in full communion with the former seat of Canterbury and its Archbishop. It has more than seventy million members in 160 countries of the world.