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Arab Group for Muslim-Christian Dialogue

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  • الفريق العربي للحوار الإسلامي-المسيحي

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Work together to address internal concerns and face the external dangers that threaten the people, Muslims and Christians, of the one Arab homeland; form an alliance to fulfil the obligation toward the Arab nation and homeland; help foster national unity and strengthen a sense of belonging to one nation embracing all its citizens no matter their religious affiliations; help to transcend confessional or clannish partisanship so that, all together, people might work for the nation as a whole.


A number of prominent Arab Muslims and Christians-intellectuals, religious scholars, and people engaged in public life-met together in Beirut in May 1995. The Middle East Council of Churches facilitated this meeting, and it resulted in founding 'The Arab Working Group on Muslim-Christian Dialogue'.

IRD Activities

  • International Work and Study Camp / Annual Summer Camp

    Thirty people from seven countries and two religions came together for two weeks, to engage in and discuss Christian-Muslim dialogue and the ways in which dialogue can be carried out

  • Mutual Respect Among Religions

    A seminar on mutual respect among Muslims and Christians. The project also included topics such as coexistence and religious tensions.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Beirut, Lebanon - Beirut, Lebanon