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  • الإقليم الكشفي العربي - المنظمة الكشفية العربية

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Contribute to the nurturing of youth, help build a better world where people can fulfill their potentials and make effective contributions towards building society, become the world's leading youth nurturing movement, and empower 100 million youth to bringing about positive change to their communities and globally based on shared values.


The first World Scout activities were introduced to the Arab world as early as 1912. The First Session of the Arab Region Scout Conference (and Jamboree) took place in Zabadani, Syria, in the year 1954.

IRD Activities

  • Sharjah The Capital of Islamic Culture Event

    For 1 week in February 2014, 114 scouts assembled from 94 countries. The topics discussed at the conference included tolerance and accepting others, culture and civilisation as tools for peace, showcasing relevant intercultural and interreligious projects from countries of different participants, the role of Islamic culture in UAE society, the role of interculture in bridging societies, seeding a million trees program, and touristic sightseeing of different Islamic landmarks in the UAE.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Sharjah, United Arab Emirates