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Arab Thought Forum

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  • منتدى الفكر العربي

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Study the economic, social and cultural relations in the Arab world, and examine them with other countries in order to strengthen dialogue and promote cooperation, in ways that serve mutual interests; contribute to the formation of an Arab scientific stance towards development problems so as to achieve an effective contribution towards the formulation of global order, and place international relations on a fair and equal basis that serves economic integration; build bridges between thought leaders and decision-makers in the Arab world to serve cooperation among them in public policies, and ensure public participation; focus attention towards future studies relating to the affairs of Arab countries and their international relations.


Intellectual Arab non-governmental organization established in the wake of the eleventh Arab summit as an initiative of Arab thinkers and decision makers, led by HRHP ALHASSAN BIN TALAL, the sponsor and chairman of the forum. The Forum Seeks to discuss and diagnose the current situation in the Arab world, explore the Arab future, the formulation of practical solutions and possible options by providing a free platform for dialogue leading to crystallize Arabic contemporary thought towards unity, development, national security, freedom, and progress issues.

IRD Activities

  • Christian and Islamic Endowments in Holy Jerusalem

    The aim of the project is to support the people of Jerusalem and their stability in their homes and living conditions, and follow-up on the decisions of the Arab summit conferences with regard to Jerusalem. Confirmation of national unity among the Palestinians and their brothers in the Arab world, and to unite in the face of the occupation and the practices of Zionism to Judaize the Holy city and the destruction of property, and rebuff the abolition of Islamic and Christian Arab identities

  • Book Club Intellectual Seminar Series

    Shedding light on the external publications relevant to IRD topics such as the book titled 'The Political, Economic, and Social Roles of Non-Muslims in Islamic Countries'. This particular book touches on national unity and promotion of equality values solely based on citizenship rather than religious affiliations. The emphasis is on the common challenges faced by all citizens be them Muslims or Christians and to always avoid religious feuds. The relationship between Islam and Christianity has always been fostered by shared beliefs and hence need to continue to be built on mutual tolerance and intimate communication among all Abrahamic religious followers

  • Dialogue Seminars with International Participants

    The Forum is very active and constantly hosts various seminars to explore the direct relationship between religious, ethnic, and social security harmony to the future of the region and the well-being of Arab migrants in the West. These are all hosted in the ATF's headquarters in Jordan.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Amman, Jordan - Amman, Jordan - Amman, Jordan