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Argentinian Judeo-Christian Confraternity

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  • Confraternidad Argentina Judeo Cristiana

    • G�emes 4163, 9� (1425), Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA), Argentina.
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The aim of the organisation is to promote the mutual understanding between Jews and Christians as a common ground for fostering respect among each other, and as an example of social coexistence of all people.


In 1972, as a consequence of the arrival of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Sion to the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, they began the dialogue between Christians (Catholics and Protestants) and Jews. In 1995, the Congregation of Sister of Notre Dame de Sion, the Latin American Rabbinic Seminar Marshall T. Mayer and B'nai B'rith of Argentina, CAJC was finally accepted as an official member of the Council of Christians and Jews (ICCJ). This Interreligious Group was legally constituted as a Civil Association on March 8th, 1996. Over the last few years, CAJC has opened its own doors to members of other faith communities as a way of widening its horizon of mutual comprehension and respect between people belonging to different religions. With the development of common actions, the Confraternity has also been promoting interreligious cooperation, contributing this way to eliminate ancient and painful stereotypes about Jews in particular, which have fueled Anti-Semitism. Since 2005, CAJC has widened its initial horizons by engaging with other religious actors coming from Hinduism, Buddhism, Africanism, and local Indigenous Cosmovisions.