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Armenian Catholicosate of Cilicia

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Embrace and focus on Armenian diaspora, theological formation, diakonia/social services, cultural life, ecumenical relations, Armenian cause, and the Middle Eastern context.


In Cilicia, the Catholicosate became the centre of the Armenian life around which the religious, national, cultural, and educational activities were organised. After the Armenian Genocide (1915), the Catholicosate contributed significantly to the formation and organisation of the Armenian Diaspora. After wandering in Cyprus, Syria and Lebanon, in 1930, Catholicos Sahag Khabayan established the Catholicosate in Antelias, Lebanon.

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    Since the fifties the Catholicosate of Cilicia's clergy and lay representatives have taken an active part in global and regional ecumenical and inter-religious movement meetings and conferences. The ecumenical engagement of the Holy See was more organised after 1962, when it became a member of the World Council of Churches. As one of the initiators of the ecumenical movement in the Middle East region, it took an active part in the foundation of the Middle East Council of Churches in 1974. The Holy See has played a key role in promoting the theological dialogue between the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Families. It had a significant part in the development of a more organised collaboration among the Oriental Orthodox Churches. Since 1997 the Heads of the Oriental Orthodox Churches in the Middle East and the Standing Committee appointed by them regularly meet and discuss ecumenical, inter-religious and inter-church issues. In 1997 His Holiness Aram I established the Department for Ecumenical and Inter-religious Relations at the Catholicosate to further strengthen mutual collaboration with ecumenical and inter-religious partners. Also, the Department organizes ecumenical formation seminars and coordinates the activities of the dioceses. The Holy See participates in the meetings of the Co-ordinating Committee of the United Bible Societies and Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches Relations. On the local level, the Holy See has representatives in many committees

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