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ASHA Centre

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    • Gunn Mill House, Lower Spout Lane, Flaxley, Gloucestershire, GL170EA, UK
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Encourages and supports philanthropy worldwide, and works for interfaith and intercultural understanding, especially among the young.


After three years of development work, ASHA was ready to be officially opened in 2006.

IRD Activities

  • Discovering Interfaith Dialogue

    The main objective of this training course is Interfaith Dialogue and its impact on intercultural learning in youth work, notably in European context. The attention of this project will be Islam in particular and its relationship with other religions present in Europe

  • Interfaith Dialogue – A Dialogue of Cultures in Europe

    It is a training course for youth workers, community leaders and volunteers, which uses interfaith as a means of learning about different cultures in Europe

  • ASHA Interfaith Champions for Interfaith Dialogue

    This course offers a training programme for peer leaders and young volunteers willing to engage in interfaith dialogue and activities in their communities. The course uses informal methods and a wide range of resources, including creative workshops and multimedia materials

  • Once Upon a Time... Storytelling as a Tool in Intercultural/Interfaith Dialogue

    The course provided participants with necessary competences in using storytelling as a tool for intercultural education. The project promoted storytelling as a universal educational tool applicable for conflict resolution, leadership development and intercultural/interfaith dialogue

  • Muslim World

    The main aims of the project were to analyse how the mutual perceptions between the two parts of the world shape their relationship, and to equip participants with skills in intercultural/interfaith dialogue

  • Discovering Interfaith Dialogue - Eastern Religions

    The main objective of the course was interfaith dialogue and its impact on intercultural learning in youth work, notably in European contexts. Special attention was given to the religions of the East and their relation with other religions present in Europe

  • ASHA Interfaith Ambassadors Seminar

    The seminar was for youth leaders and youth workers with a track record of delivering interfaith work locally and internationally, aimed at exchanging experiences and good practice and sharing the legacy of ASHA Centre's interfaith work

  • Young Zoroastrians

    Each Summer, about 25 Young British Zoroastrians, gather together for their annual retreat at the ASHA Centre. They come to make friends, deepen their understanding of their ancient faith, and have fun. The legendary 'Zorros Have Got Talent' night, where they share their passions and unexpected skills, is a highlight. Its always a hugely enjoyable and high energy moment in ASHA's calendar.

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