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Association of Protestant Churches and Missions in Germany

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Serve the common perception of missionary responsibility of members; carry out tasks of the World Mission and Evangelism, which are beyond the scope and impact of its members; support the Evangelical Church in Germany and their member churches, and the Mission's member churches in different missionary orientation of the church's work and promote the collaboration of church and mission as well as the cooperation of regional missions and missionary societies; serve the cooperation of its members, particularly in the areas of missionary proclamation, missiology, education and training for missionary services and relations with churches and regional and continental ecclesial cooperation overseas; support tasks of World Mission and Evangelism, which require the cooperation between its members, especially in the fields of medical mission, the “World Bible Support”, theological education overseas, the Christian literature development and the church's use of mass media in overseas, society-related services of churches and church groups in overseas, the pro-development actions of churches, interchurch aid and missionary outreach; cooperate with the facilities of the church development service, the ecumenical Diakonia and church work abroad; perform the tasks of the German Protestant Missionary Day in accordance with the agreement from 29 October 1976; assume tasks at the request of individual members if no member objects; respect the responsibility of its members in its preparation and execution of tasks; be open to cooperation with missionary societies and missionary working groups, even if they are not a member.


When the "Association of Protestant churches and Missions in the Federal Republic of Germany and Berlin (West)" was set up in 1975, it marked the culmination of a long history of attempts to integrate mission and the churches in West Germany. In September 1991, following the unification of Germany, the Association of Protestant Missions (AGEM) in the former GDR (East German) and the Association of Protestant Churches and Missions in the Federal Republic of Germany and Berlin (West) merged to form the “Association of Protestant Churches and Missions in Germany”.

IRD Activities

  • Continental Partners and Topics

    This priority area targets short and medium term projects initiated by the EMW partners such as ecumenical meetings and programs for Christian-Muslim dialogue. By supporting the partners, they shall be able to react to new ecclesiastical-missionary, but also ecumenical challenges.

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