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Association of Universities Entrusted to the Society of Jesus in Latin America

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  • Asociación de Universidades Confiadas a la Compañía de Jesús en América Latina

    • Avenida Santa Teresa de Jesús, 1060, Chacao, Venezuela
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Favour reflection on Jesuit educational ideals and their implementation in each partner university; promote the integration of our universities and our countries in their aim of transforming social structures in favour of the poor; exchange our resources and experiences to foster academic excellence; collaborate with the Provincial Conference for Latin America (CPAL) in order to promote actions to define the apostolic mission of the partner universities and to ensure that they are consistent with Christianity and with the principles and responsibility that characterise the Society of Jesus; promote with the CPAL the intellectual apostolate university vocation of lay people and Jesuits; contribute to the exchange of academic staff, beyond the national borders, to foster a more Latin American and universal vision and practice; establish a process to collect, concentrate, and disseminate information in exchange with our partner universities to foundations and institutions that can provide support to the university tasks.


AUSJAL was created by the rectors of the Jesuit universities in Latin America, in the presence of the Father General of the Society of Jesus, on 10 November 1985, in Rome. In 1987, in Rio de Janeiro, the rectors approved the statutes of the Association, which were reformed later in Quito (Ecuador) in 1990, in Guatemala City (Guatemala) in 1997 and in São Leopoldo (Brazil) in 2003.

IRD Activities

  • Strengthening University Pastoral Care and Other Spaces for Reflection and Dialogue in Universities

    The objective is to formulate actions and strategies to improve and strengthen the management of university ministry, defining the Pastoral Policy, designing a program to train pastoral agents and tools for management and establishing a regional space for intercultural and interreligious dialogue.

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