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Atlantic Bridge

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    • Burgemeester Elenbaasstraat 8-A, 4416 AR Kruiningen, Netherlands
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Build bridges break down walls; mobilise young people to join Bridgebuilders Clubs; train them using our Bridgebuilders Curriculum and hands-on, cross-cultural experiences; send them out, or perhaps back to their own communities, to be ambassadors of change who make a positive difference in their world; supports these youth in Regional Support Team; enable them to be successful in their bridgebuilding mission.


Atlantic Bridge was officially registered as a non-profit organisation in The Netherlands in January 1988, but the concept was born long ago. The mission was founded by John and Donna Oostdyk who were part of a Christian community housed in a building that in the center of the town of Kruiningen. The building was a retirement home called Avondlicht – Evening Light)till 1983 when three families with a total of ten children bought it and started a community for the care of youth, local as well as regional and international. In a sense Atlantic Bridge was birthed out of this community as most of the family members were involved and supported it in some way or other.

IRD Activities

  • Bridge Builders Club

    The idea behind the BridgeBuilders Club is to build a team, which goes on exchanges to learn about their own and other cultures and most important, to “build bridges” between them. Bridgebuilders Clubs use The Bricks , a series of 14 sessions that make cultural learning fun and inspiring. These Bricks are practical preparations for the exchanges but also help foster the discussion about topics of culture, local impact, faith, friendship and more

  • Activities for teenagers

    The Game Without Walls represents an activity for youth between 13-18 years old and implies overnight youth event aiming to bring together teens from different places to engage through fun activities

  • 3. Heritage Hunt - summer activity with participation of young people from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with an aim to explore the islands of Noord-Beveland and Schouwen-Duiveland. Previous Heritage Hunt Games took place in Canterbury and Antwerp

  • The Karavaan activity

    It is a project to mobilise, inspire and challenge young people to discover the stories hidden behind the walls of old churches and castles built by our forefathers. At the same time we search for the answer to the question of why an estimated 95% of youth in Europe no longer consider faith in God important today.It is a project to discover a treasure hidden behind walls of old churches or castles. Young people from different countries join this search

  • Circuit Riders project

    The Circuit Rider's mission is to inspire and mobilize young people to reconsider the faith heritage and the values that inspired their forefathers and for which they fought often at the cost of their own lives. The stage of these Circuit Riders is the class room and can be musicians, small bands, poets, dance or drama artists or people with a unique teaching topic or ability. They can be English teachers or storytellers, young, old, or any age in between. Whatever they do, they are an inspiration to who they meet

  • Europe Week event

    The Europe Week brings together about 40 young people (ages 14-18) from different countries to one location to discover some part of the European identity.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Kruiningen, Netherlands - Kruiningen, Netherlands - Zeeland, Netherlands - Canterbury,Kent, UK - Antwerp, Belgium - Kruiningen, Netherlands - Prague, Czechia - Kruiningen, Netherlands - Most, Czechia