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Atlantic Institute

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Facilitate dialogue and bridge cultures from both sides of the Atlantic.


Atlantic Institute was established in 2012 as a derivative of the Istanbul Center. The Istanbul Center has been promoting dialogue, respect, and cooperation in the community since its foundation in 2002. Now, Atlantic Institute has taken over Istanbul Center's programmes while the Istanbul Center continues to focus its efforts on community service activities with the new name of Istanbul Cultural Center.

IRD Activities

  • Atlantic Peace & Dialog Awards

    The purpose of Atlantic Institute Awards Ceremonies is to recognise influential persons who actively promote diversity and intercultural exchange in the workplace, the government, or other vocational spheres in their communities. Publicly recognising these officials encourages them to continue in their efforts to lead others in mutual understanding through Dialog and joint projects which incorporate diverse individuals

  • Annual Dialogue and Friendship Dinner

    Atlantic Institute in South Florida held its Annual Dialogue and Friendship Dinner, attended by over 110 guests, including attendees from religious institutions, universities, and the government

  • Exploring Faiths

    The world is getting smaller yet at the same time the people seem to be growing apart. Therefore Atlantic Institute gives representatives of the Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Baha'i, among others, communities the opportunity to educate the greater Turkish and Muslim community about the richness of their faith traditions. The programme aims to bring people from different faith backgrounds together in harmony and overcome stereotypes between people of different religions

  • Iftars (Fast-Breaking Dinners)

    For the world's 1.5 billion Muslims, Ramadan is a time of fasting, prayer, closeness to God, family, and community. It is also the perfect time for Muslims to invite their neighbours to get a small taste of Ramadan through iftar dinner, which are the meals that break the fast. The Atlantic Institute invites people from different faiths and communities to join in the communal breaking of the daily fast

  • Table Of Abraham

    Abraham is considered the father of the three monotheistic faiths in the world, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In the spirit of dialogue and in honour Abraham, the Atlantic Institute regularly hosts a panel programme that brings community leaders and clergy from the three Abrahamic faiths to engage in a dialogue about the commonalities of and common issues concerning the Abrahamic communities over delicious food

  • Turkey Trips

    Every year, the Atlantic Institute organises multiple trips to Turkey to facilitate intercultural understanding and to build bridges between the US and Turkey. Turkey is a land immersed in history and culture. Since the days of the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul has been a perfect example of how Muslims, Christians, and Jews could live in peace and harmony. The trip aims to show community and church leaders, academics, and businesspeople from different backgrounds the beauty of Turkey, to expose them to the Turkish culture and history, and to give them the opportunity to have firsthand analysis of the unique relationship between religion and politics in Turkey as well as the educational and academic exchange opportunities between the two countries. The Atlantic Institute aims to provide an effective overview of the culture, educational system, and civil society through these excursions. With such a broad array of visits, every participant gains an understanding of government affairs, economic development, the media, religious and cultural diversity, and daily life of Turkey.

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