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Ban Ki-Moon Centre for Global Citizens

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    • Vienna, Austria

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Work for peace, poverty eradication, empowerment of youth and women, justice and human rights worldwide; engage with leaders, youth, academia, international organizations and civil society at all levels to resolve crisis and conflicts and address some root causes hindering the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.


3 January 2018 was inauguration of the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens in Vienna.

IRD Activities

  • Mentoring Project for Young Austrian Muslim Women

    The Center launched its project in partnership with Musllim Youth Austria (MJÖ), “Mentoring for Young Austrian Muslim Women – Global Citizens at work.” The mentoring period is between April – September 2019 and the pairs are recommended to meet at least once per week. During the mentorship period the Ban Ki-moon Centre hosted three skill-building workshops for the mentees on different subjects. One of the workshops is on “Global Citizenship” and is led by the Centre’s CEO, Monika Froehler. As a part of the project, the mentoring pairs will also be asked to complete a small “Global Citizen Project” together. This project will encourage the pairs to take action together to give back to their community.Mentoring is particularly impactful for women coming from minority groups who face additional challenges when entering the workforce and advancing their careers in Austria. Participants are encouraged to think globally and to consider how their future work can contribute to the betterment of the planet for us all, leaving no one behind. The project targets young Austrian Muslim wimen between 20-35 years of age

  • Women's empowerment program

    The center offered the first training for young and dedicated women from Afganistan, Cambodia, Korea and Mongolia, who became the Center's Global Citizen Fellows and took part in the 1st edition of the Center's Women's Empowerment Program. The training's aim is to equip young women with essential skills to become changemakers and to foster women's empowerment and the emplementation of SDGs.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Vienna, Austria - Vienna, Austria