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Believers Network of Women Mediatrix

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  • Réseau des Femmes Croyantes Mediatrices de la Paix

    • Palais de l’omnisport, Gate 26, Bangui, Central African Republic
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Mediate for peace, social cohesion and development; promote women and men of different faiths; promote a spirit of unity for women and men of different beliefs; promote an ethic of brotherhood and solidarity; promote the education of children in difficult access areas; promote love of neighbor, accepting the difference and promote the respect for others; promote human dignity through spiritual, moral and civic awareness; and awareness of men and women on issues of justice, peace and defense of the oppressed.


The Network of Women Believers Mediators of Peace (RFCMP) was born of a mobilization of women of all Central Africa religious faiths in December 1996 with the approach of the fateful date of 22 December 1996, which marked the end of the truce obtained by the African Heads of State when we foresaw no solution.

IRD Activities

  • Interfaith Dialogue

    The main initiative focuses on campaigning for peace and living together since the beginning of the 2012 crisis. RFCMP promotes a spirit of unity for women and men of different beliefs, an ethic of brotherhood and solidarity accepting difference and advocates the respect for others.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Central African Republic