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Bible Society

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  • جمعيةالكتابالمقدس; Société Biblique

    • Bouchrieh, Beirut, Lebanon (33°53'20.5"N 35°33'27.4"E)

    • Nejmeh Square, Beirut, Lebanon (33°53'20.5"N 35°33'27.4"E)
      Erbil, Iraq
      Ainkawa, Iraq
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Publish and achieve the widest possible, effective and meaningful distribution of the Holy Scriptures in a language and media that meets the needs of the people it serves, at prices people can afford, and encouraging people to read the Scriptures, and helping them interact with the Word of God; seek to carry out its task through raising resources, and in partnership and cooperation with all churches and Christian organizations.


On September 9, 1950, a group of Christian national leaders – clergy, businessmen and lawyers – formally organized the Bible Society with the single-minded conviction that the widespread distribution of Bibles was the most effective way to change lives and reform society.

IRD Activities

  • Building Bridges across Faiths

    The purpose of this program is to advocate Biblical principles in inter-faith platforms and to promote the importance of the Bible to Christians in inter-religious forums. This project puts the Bible Society in the center of the inter-religious activities taking place in Lebanon and Syria, through its attendance at conferences, dialogues and meetings and by providing relevant contextual materials for the attendees and participants, thereby advocating the Bible cause and promoting freedom of religion. The Bible Society in Lebanon has already developed inter-confessional relations over the past few decades. Today, the various churches consider the Bible Society as the main platform for ecumenical and inter-confessional dialogue. Since Lebanon enjoys a variety of other influential faiths in the region, such as Sunnis, Shiites, and Druze, several initiatives have taken place for inter-faith dialogue and Christian-Muslim academic interaction.

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    Lebanon - Syria