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Board of Deputies of British Jews

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    • 1 Torriano Mews, NW5 2RZ, London UK
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To combat antisemitism from wherever it emanates, express our community’s bond with the State of Israel, defend Jewish education and educate wider society about Judaism and build bridges through interfaith relations.


The Board was formally established in 1760.

IRD Activities

  • Interfaith Relations

    The Board is recognised as the Jewish community leader on initiatives that promote good relations between the UK’s different faith and ethnic communities. We seek to develop strong partnerships and dialogue on a range of issues of mutual interest, including education, equality and fighting extremism. We see it as part of our mandate to speak out for other communities when they face discrimination, leading various campaigns against extremism from all quarters, and confronting violence and hate against minorities. We run events and activities which promote cooperation and social advancement. During Inter Faith Week and at other times during the year, we host events that bring together members of different faiths to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing religious people with learning disabilities, women of faith and religious professionals in the work place. The Board is keen to support interfaith initiatives, meeting regularly with organisations and individuals who share our view of a diverse, but united Britain.

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