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Bolivian Islamic Center

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  • Centro Isl�mico Boliviano

    • Santa Cruz de la Sierra - Bolivia Calle San Joaqu�n #2815
  • www.centroislamicoboliviano.org.bo

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The CIB promotes and studies the way that these sectors tend to create a harmonious and productive environment, cooperating to solve the different problems of our country. The CIB's goals are to serve all Muslims who are in Bolivian national territory, native, settled or passing through. It promotes exchanges good relations with similar institutions at the local, national or international level. The CIB works to spread knowledge on the values of morality, justice, freedom, charity and honesty while also promoting the understanding of faith based on Islamic thought and assisting all those in need in Bolivia.


The Bolivian Islamic Center (CIB) was founded as a non-profit religious institution by Mr. Mahmud Amer, a Bolivian nationalized Palestinian who brought together Bolivian and Arab Muslims as well as those from other countries to pray the Friday prayer at his home. Later they became the first Islamic religious organization in Bolivia with legal status in 1989. In 1992, the CIB began the construction of the first mosque in Bolivia, the Al Omarein mosque; which was inaugurated in 1994. In 1997 it became a founding member of the Islamic Organization for Latin America and the Caribbean. In 2013, the center helped establish the first Islamic cemetery in Bolivia.

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  • . Committee Of Interreligious Dialogue - prayer for peace in the face of conflicts in Bolivia - Oct 2011, Santa Cruz de La Sierra, Bolivia

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