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Bridge Builders Argentina

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    • Billinghurst 2533 - 1, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA), Argentina.
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Bring together people from different religious tradition (Islam, Judaism and Christianism) so as to promote the building of relationships of mutual acknowledging and understanding, and the organization of solidarity actions destined to local communities.


The program was created to respond the request made by the USA's Embassy located in Buenos Aires (Political Affairs Department). On that occasion, the Embassy provided the necessary funds to bring together youths belonging to different faith-based communities (Jews, Christians, and Muslims). There were three women who assumed the program responsibility from its beginnings: Marisa Bergman, Gabriela Falc�n y Mar�a Eugenia Crespo. The first one represented the Judaic Foundation (Judaism); the second one, the Argentinian Turkish Friendship Foundation (Islam); and the last one, URI (Christianism). The programme is not anymore under the USA's Embassy supervision and has extended the range of religious communities which work in partnership within this. In 2016 the program was turned into a Circle of Cooperation belonging to URI (United Religions Initiative).

IRD Activities

  • . Organization of seminars, events, webinars on interreligious dialogue and actions attitudes (in health care institutions, religious communities, colleges, etc). On that occasion they present the program called "Conferencias Nacionales e Internacionales" (National and International Conferences).

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