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Catholic Theological Union

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    • 5401 South Cornell Avenue, Chicago, IL 60615, USA
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Prepare effective leaders for the Church, ready to witness to Christ's good news of justice, love, and peace.


The 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago turned into a riot, and much of the city was set aflame as citizens looked on wondering with great fear what the future would hold. It was in the midst of these uncertain and frightening times that Catholic Theological Union was born. After the close of the Second Vatican Council, three religious orders (Franciscans, Passionists, and Servites) decided to take a chance. Filled with hope and the desire to participate in the renewal of the Church, these orders took a risky move and closed their individual seminaries. They decided to work together, to share their resources – libraries, professors, staff, and finances – to create a seminary that would be based on a model of collaboration. The name Catholic Theological Union describes the very nature of CTU.

IRD Activities

  • The Bernardin Center for Theology and Ministry

    An integral part of CTU, the Bernardin Center has many distinctive initiatives which include: 1) Catholic Common Ground Initiative works to lessen polarities and divisions that weaken the communion of the Church, 2) Catholics on Call invites young adults to explore the meaning and discernment of vocation, 3) The Peacebuilders Initiative prepares Catholic high school youth for leadership roles in peacemaking, reconciliation, and conflict transformation, 4) The Catholic-Jewish Studies Program and the Catholic-Muslim Studies Program both offer opportunities for interreligious dialogue among the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faith communities. Because of Cardinal Bernardin's profound commitment to Catholic-Jewish dialogue, this programme with its array of lectures, workshops and courses has been expanded and integrated into the Bernardin Center. Through the Shapiro Lecture series and the annual Rabbi Hayim Goren Perelmuter Conference, world renowned scholars come to campus to speak on a range of topics related to theology, current issues, and culture. The Catholic-Muslim Studies Program's vision is to create significant opportunities for the relationship between Muslims and Christians to deepen, and to reflect only the noblest values and highest ideals of their common spiritual heritage. This programme sponsors study, publication, dialogue, and cultural events in an effort to achieve these goals, 5) The In Good Faith dinner series brings together members of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities for education and fellowship, and 6) Endowed faculty chairs such as the Vatican II Chair in Theology, the Erica and Harry John Family Chair in Ethics, and the Crown Ryan Chair in Jewish Studies

  • Abraham's Children

    Open to participants from any faith or philosophical background, Abraham's Children is a graduate theological seminar designed to introduce some of the basic elements of the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faith traditions through the lens and dynamic of interreligious relations and understanding.

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    USA - Israel - State of Palestine