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Catholic Youth Network for Environmental Sustainability in Africa

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  • Réseau de Jeunes Catholiques pour un Environnement durable en Afrique

    • Upendo House, Mountain View off Waiyaki Way, Nairobi, Kenya
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Prepare a toolkit on climate change that draws from scripture and Catholic social teaching; establish and build relationships with like-minded partners; train young Catholics in advocacy on environmental sustainability; link different initiatives on the continent; encourage young people to act in their parishes, schools and within their youth movements by developing appropriate sustainable practices to conserve resources.


Inspired by St. Pope John Paul II’s 1990 message for World Day of Peace, in which he called for the need to upscale ecological awareness and to find fitting expression in concrete programs and initiatives, young Catholics from Kenya, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda and South Africa, drawn from and representing university chaplaincies and parish groups, joined up to respond to this invitation, and to set up the Africa-wide Catholic Youth Network for Environmental Sustainability in Africa (CYNESA) in January 2012. CYNESA is the platform for all young Catholics in Africa, promoting responsible stewardship of the environment.

IRD Activities

  • Multi-faith project for women

    Organisation conducted a project "Multi-faith women leaders' advocacy training on proper waste management in Mombasa County, Kenya", which targeted 40 women faith leaders from different faiths across the six sub-counties in Mombasa County, Kenya. 2-day resident advocacy training on proper waste management and disposal had following objectives: to equip women leaders of different faiths in Mombasa County with advocacy skills on proper waste reduction, management and disposal

  • to establish a networking platform for multi-faith communities to work together on waste reduction, management and disposal at the grassroots

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Mombasa, Kenya - Nairobi, Kenya