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CAUX Forum

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    • Geneva office, Rue de Varembé 1, CH–1202 Genève, Switzerland
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Create a confidential space free from judgment, where each individual can speak freely regardless of their cultural, spiritual, social or economic background; encourage individuals and organizations to act according to a common set of human values.


On behalf of Moral-Re-Armament, Philippe Mottu and Robert Hahnloser sign the contract to buy the run-down former Caux-Palace Hotel. Hundreds of Swiss citizens give money, time and work to make this purchase possible and to transform the building into an international conference centre. The first conferences take place that summer and the Caux Foundation is established in the autumn. The Caux Conferences was established in 1946.

IRD Activities

  • .Course “‘Learning to be a Peacemaker" is designed for young people aged 18-30 and passionate about global change and Muslims’ contribution to it. This programme defuses that tension and helps make young Muslims’ European and Islamic identities symbiotic. In the current environment of increasing hostility towards Islam, Muslims are often viewed with suspicion. It is imperative to help young Muslims form a confident European Muslim identity. Islam requires Muslims to be at peace with themselves and others. This course will help young Muslims to understand that they can play an important role in bringing communities together. It will help them engage in honest conversation which brings root causes of conflict to light, builds trust and heals. In the same way, those who are not Muslims will gain a better understanding of their friends and neighbours who are Muslim, build better relationships and friendships, and consequently create a more cohesive society

  • Young Ambassadors Programme

    The Young Ambassadors Programme (YAP), under the aegis of Tools for Changemakers, will bring together 35 young Europeans who aspire to take an active role in transforming society. A 10-day journey will take the Young Ambassadors through an intensive training programme that will inspire deeper conviction about Europe, equip them with the reflective and practical tools to build sustainable change, and connect them to a supportive network of similarly engaged young people. The training will explore the dynamic relationship between personal change, sharing stories and exchanging experiences, taking focused action and space for reflection. The journey will continue during the Tools for Changemakers forum, during which the Young Ambassadors will resurface from the deep dive of the training programme and engage with forum participants of different ages and backgrounds. The forum will have a practical focus, alongside the Caux Forum’s particular emphasis on space for reflection, personal change and dialogue. It will equip the Young Ambassadors with the tools they need to take an active role in social transformation on a local, national or international level.

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