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Center for Global Peacebuilding

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    • 1325 North College Avenue, Claremont, CA 91711, USA
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Promote peacebuilding practices and research with a global perspective.


The Center for Global Peacebuilding was founded in 2011 by Professor Najeeba Syeed-Miller, who also serves as its Director. Prof. Syeed-Miller, J.D., teaches Interreligious Education at Claremont School of Theology.

IRD Activities

  • Multifaith Reconciliation

    The centre develops projects and research in areas where interfaith conflict has very high stakes, and where there has been a history of animosity and misunderstanding. In the past year, the center staff has engaged in dialogue between Muslim communities and Reform, Conservative and Orthodox Jewish, Christian, Seven Day Adventists, Evangelical Christian, Mormon, and Hindu communities. A major focus is on communities in America's heartland and small towns. Another is offering consultative services for international conflicts and for international delegations. The Center has held seminars and programmes on engaging secular leaders in interfaith dialogue, Sikh community activism, representation of Muslim Americans in popular culture, Muslim perspectives on interfaith activism, and international approaches to the Responsibility to Protect

  • Spreading Seeds Healing Network

    Spreading Seeds Healing Network (SSNH) convenes LA County based gang intervention organisations on a monthly basis. Organisations are asked to also bring young people they work with to each meeting. Each monthly healing circle consists of three parts. These healing circles utilise universal cultural principles and indigenous spirituality practices for individuals to heal from trauma and capacity building for organisations that do direct "gang" intervention services. In addition to the monthly circles, SSHN takes participants and their families on an annual rites of passage culmination retreat for nature based learning, self-reflection and wellness

  • Training Clergy / Spiritual Leaders / Community Organisations

    The Centre offers technical assistance to congregational leaders of all faiths, community groups and leaders in conflict resolution training and restorative practices. Past clients include groups of United Methodist pastors, Muslim young leaders and interfaith organisations serving multiple faith communities. Centre staff also works directly with organisations and individuals developing curricula. The Centre has offered technical assistance to restorative practitioners

  • Publications / Convening

    The Centre publishes periodic white papers on issues relevant to global urban peacemaking. An upcoming publication focuses on the process of creating safe spaces for youth in violent contexts. The Centre's current projects for publication and convening are the following: 1) Restorative practices founded on the Los Angeles City Community Based Gang Intervention Strategy. 2) Advocacy mechanisms for restorative practices in current violence prevention legislation. 3) Mapping restorative practice based organisations in the state of California, and maintaining state-wide coalition.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    USA - Algeria - Israel - State of Palestine - Turkey - Egypt - Tunisia - Los Angeles, CA, USA - Claremont, CA, USA - Claremont, CA, USA