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Center for Religious Tolerance

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    • 520 Ralph Street, Sarasota, FL 34242, USA
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Promote peace and social justice through spiritually based interfaith activities.


CRT traces its roots to a trip to Israel during the early days of the second Intifada. In January 2001, Andrea (Andy) Blanch and Howard Nelson were part of a spiritual pilgrimage to the Holy Land led by David Less. By 2006, the interfaith peacemaking activities in Israel had expanded, and it was clear that a formal organisational structure was needed. The Center for Religious Tolerance was developed with one major goal in mind: to find, support, and publicise effective interfaith grassroots peace efforts in areas of conflict.

IRD Activities

  • Women’s Interfaith Leadership Development

    In 2007, a 3-day meeting of fifteen women from across the Middle East – five Jews, five Muslims, and five Christians – was held in Amman, Jordan. Women were selected on the basis of religious affiliation, experience with peace building, leadership capacity, and commitment to working in an interfaith context. Intensive workshops, dialogue and planning led to the development of a model for developing women’s interfaith leadership

  • Religious Pluralism in Palestine

    Mohammed Dajani Daoudi, founder of Wasatia, hosted a 2-day workshop in 2011 for 25 young leaders in Palestine. Topics included religious tolerance, voluntarism, leadership, communications, gender equality, religious pluralism and interfaith dialogue. Participants were recruited from NGOs and universities

  • Women’s Interfaith Network

    The Women’s Interfaith Network invites women of all ages, abilities, beliefs, cultures, faiths and races to learn about and value our similarities and differences. We work to eradicate stereotypes and prejudice beginning in our own communities in order to promote our common humanity and build a peaceful world. The Women’s Interfaith Network (WIN) of Sarasota-Bradenton completed its fifth year of activities in December 2012. Currently, there are over 100 members representing a variety of religious orientations, including Judaism, several forms of Christianity, Islam, Wiccan, Humanism, and Metaphysical as well as indigenous and spiritual traditions. WIN’s mission is to work towards understanding and cooperation across religious, racial, ethnic, cultural and national boundaries.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Amman, Jordan - State of Palestine - USA