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Center for the Study of Wisdom Traditions

  • Centre d'Estudi de les Tradicions de Saviesa.

    • Carrer Rocafort, 234 baixos (Jardins Montserrat), 08029 Barcelona, Spain
  • www.ea.cetr.net; www.cetr.net

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The aim of the organisation is to research, develop and disseminate the religious fact focusing specifically as a human quality. It is also important to promote interreligious dialogue and interculturality to spread the cultivation of human quality. Another aim is to favor the viability of human quality from the conditions of techno-scientific societies of continuous change. Fundamentally, study spiritual traditions as a source of wisdom.


Before the Founding Act in 1998, the initiators of CETR had been meeting weekly for 15 years to read and comment on texts from the different spiritual traditions of humanity. There had been a previous organizing attempt called 'Project Q' that served as the basis for creating CETR.

IRD Activities

  • . Can Bordoi International Meeting (2004-2009 annual) with the interest of addressing wisdom in spiritual traditions, Cardedeu, Spain

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