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Center of Studies on Right and Religion

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  • Centro de Estudios de Derecho y Religi�n

    • 25 de Mayo 99, Libertador San Mart�n, Entre R�os, Argentina. CP 3103
  • (https://www.cedyr.org/)

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EDyR aims at being an academic space of analysis, reflection and participation in relation to all subjects linked to rights and religions, especially in regard to the right to freedom of religion and conscience, and in matters of the relations carried out between States and religions.


It was founded mostly by some professors and professional persons related to the juridical sciences, with the strong conviction that all the rights related to the freedom of conscience -so fundamental to each human being- deserve to be an object of research and promotion from an academic perspective. The creation of CEDyR began in the Adventist University of the Plata, with the intention of fostering research, transmission of this relevant subject, so as to benefit the local community. CEDyR has also signed an agreement with the International Religious Liberty Association (IRLA) becoming a local headquarter of this well-known international organization.

IRD Activities

  • .CEDyR develop the website www.cedyr.org so as to promote an active presence and discussion in social medias on all about the freedom of thought, conscience and religion, Argentina

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