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Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue

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Help prevent, mitigate, and resolve armed conflict through dialogue and mediation.


HD is one of the world's leading organisations in the field of conflict mediation. Since 1999, it has been helping to prevent and resolve armed conflict, and to alleviate the suffering of those affected by violence.

IRD Activities

  • Conflict Management Strategies in Indonesia-Learning from the Maluku Experience

    The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD Centre) together with the Indonesian Institut Titian Perdamaian (ITP), and with the assistance of the Insitut Tifa Damai Maluku, held a one-day workshop on "Conflict Management Strategies in Maluku: Learning from the Maluku Experience", in Ambon, on 14 October 2010. Organised with the support of the Canadian Embassy in Indonesia, the workshop brought together representatives from various local government agencies, NGOs, academics, as well as religious and traditional leaders, to discuss conflict management strategies in Maluku and the progress towards reconciliation and reconstruction achieved to date since the outbreak of the conflict in 1999. There have been numerous interfaith dialogues between the Christian and Muslim communities, as well as other programmes to promote greater understanding between the two sides. The local Government has also held several trainings for its staff on a range of issues relevant to women and children caught up in violent conflict. Women have played significant roles conflict resolution and peacebuilding at the community level, particularly in promoting reconciliation through daily interaction and trading on the markets

  • Work in Nigeria

    In Nigeria, HD successfully supported the inclusion of women in the negotiating teams taking part in an inter-communal dialogue process in Jos, Plateau State, and also supported meetings of interfaith groups, young people, civil society and members of the business community as part of efforts to reduce and avert violence in Jos

  • Building Mediation Capacity of Indonesian Interfaith Institutions

    In partnership with The Habibie Center (THC) in Jakarta, HD is implementing a two-year project to strengthen the capacity of Indonesian interfaith actors and institutions to resolve and prevent religious conflict. The project initially focused on the city of Ambon in Maluku, where a religious conflict cost the lives of more than 2000 people between 1999 and 2002 and injured at least 4000 others. Lingering suspicion and segregation between Muslims and Christians still poses a threat to security today. HD and THC seek to bring formal and informal interfaith actors and institutions together in a series of dialogues to discuss feasible options to effectively address post-conflict problems of segregation and the issue of continuing distrust between the different religious communities in the region. Trainings and workshops will be organised to help build the capacity of interfaith actors and institutions and provide them with the critical skillset needed for local intervention, dialogue and mediation.

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