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Centre of Jewish-Christian Studies

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    • Hilarión Eslava, 50 6º izda., 28015, Madrid, Spain
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Promote mutual understanding and esteem between Christians and Jews, based on the common spiritual heritage, through biblical and theological studies as well as fraternal dialogue, in accordance with the declaration Nostra Aetate of the Second Vatican Council; Strengthen the roots of our faith, trying to know the Jewish environment, ideas, customs, festivals and religious rites in which Christianity began to develop; approach today’s Jews through mutual understanding, dialogue and coexistence to thereby combat prejudices and establish with them a sincere brotherhood.


The history of the Centre of Jewish-Christian Studies is related to the presence of the Sisters of Our Lady of Sion who came to Madrid in the early 50s. In 1960, Sister Esperanza and Sister Ionel initiated contacts with the Jewish Community of Madrid, intellectuals and professors to combat anti-Semitism, strongly present in the media. The result of these contacts was the basis for the Foundation of the Jewish-Christian Friendship, approved by the Archdiocese of Madrid. On 2 August 1969, after several meetings, studies and consultations, the Archbishop of Madrid gave his approval to create a "Centre of Studies on Judaism". Cardinal Tarancón wanted the diocese to put the Declaration Nostra Aetate into practice and, on 21 September 1972, he erected the Centre for Jewish-Christian Studies as a diocesan institution, entrusting its management to the Congregation of Our Lady of Sion.

IRD Activities

  • Spanish-Israeli Symposia

    The Center for Jewish-Christian Studies in Madrid and the Interfaith Association of Israel have organized 21 interfaith meetings since 1974, gathering university professors, intellectuals and professionals (doctors, lawyers, economists, philosophers, etc.) from Spain and Israel, under the heading of ‘Spanish-Israeli Symposium’. Since the days when there were no diplomatic relations and cultural relations were scarce, these events have facilitated a fruitful exchange of ideas and proposals in accordance with the purpose of the Center for Jewish-Christian Studies to promote the rapprochement between Jews and Christians, Israelis and Spaniards

  • Publications

    The Center for Jewish-Christian Studies publishes the journal ‘The Olive Tree-Documentation and Studies for Dialogue between Jews and Christians’, which is published every six months, and an Information Circular which is published every two months collecting brief news related to interreligious dialogue.

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