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Centre of Judeo-Christian Studies

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  • Centro de Estudio Judeo-Cristianos

    • Calle Hilari�n Eslava 50 6� Izquierda. 28015 Madrid Spain
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The aim is to make known Judaism and the Jewish roots of Christianity, the person of Jesus and the environment in which he lived as a Jew. It focuses on the study of the Bible, the Word of God for Jews and Christians. It aims to promote mutual knowledge and true friendship; deepen what unites Jews and Christians, and respect the differences. The Centre works against the prejudices that engendered the false accusations of ritual crimes, anti-Jewish concepts based on an erroneous interpretation of the Holy Scriptures, and other discriminatory opinions that are still often expressed on many occasions. The Centre reflects on the meaning of the Shoah, of the Covenant never repealed, of the meaning of the Land for the people of Israel and the new teachings of Pope John Paul II about Judaism and relations with the Jewish people, and their application in exegesis and theology.


The nuns of Our Lady of Sion arrived in Spain in 1959. Starting from their intention to "bear witness to the fidelity of God's love for the Jewish people, and to hasten the fulfillment of the promises concerning Jews and Gentiles", Judeo-Christian relations began. The first step was the Judeo-Christian Friendship, which fostered the fight against prejudice and encouraged mutual knowledge. In order to reach a wider audience and carry out a more extensive program, the Center for Judeo-Christian Studies was founded in 1972. It was erected, with diocesan character, by Cardinal Taranc�n and entrusted its management to the Congregation of Our Lady of Sion.

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