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Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion

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Evangelise, and promote the knowledge of God and the adherence to the teaching and examples of Jesus Christ; promote Christian education, values and morals; assist in the care and welfare of the people, particularly the poor, the aged and the needy; provide for the spiritual welfare of her members; acquire land for the attainment of her objectives; raise funds through launches, contributions, and any other lawful means; undertake all other things which are reasonably incidental to the foregoing objectives.


The rebirth of Christianity began with the arrival of Christian freed slaves in Nigeria in the middle of the nineteenth century. The Church Missionary Society established an evangelistic ministry, particularly in the south. The division of the Province of West Africa in 1979 formed the Province of Nigeria and the Province of West Africa. During the 1990s, nine missionary Bishops consecrated themselves to evangelism in northern Nigeria.

IRD Activities

  • Promote Interreligious Dialogue

    The Bishop of Kaduna Diocese of Anglican Communion is promoting dialogue and peaceful reconciliation between Christians and Muslims, two major religions in a country that has suffered untold religious violence and insecurity.

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