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Church of Sweden

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    • Sysslomansgatan 4, 751 70 Uppsala, Sweden
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Being a place for church services, meetings and dialogue.


King Gustav I Vasa instigated the Church of Sweden in 1536 during his reign as King of Sweden. This act separated the church from the Roman Catholic Church and its canon law. In 1571, the Swedish Church Ordinance became the first Swedish church order following the Reformation. The Church of Sweden became Lutheran at the Uppsala Synod in 1593 when it adopted the Augsburg Confession to which most Lutherans adhere.

IRD Activities

  • The Centre for Inter Faith Dialogue

    The centre is run by the Stockholm Diocese of the Church of Sweden in association with the Church's national structures. Its main purpose is to promote understanding, collaboration, and good relations between people of different faiths. The Centre provides courses and seminars for different interested groups, field trips, consulting and guidance, network for collaboration and mutual reflection, and a library

  • The Swedish Theological Institute in Jerusalem

    The Swedish Theological Institute is the Church of Sweden's study and dialogue institute in Jerusalem. It is a place for studies and meetings for peoples of different faiths and traditions. The Swedish Theological Institute is a meeting place for people in Jerusalem as well as for temporary visitors, from different parts of the world, who are involved in matters concerning religion, culture, and dialogue. The Swedish Theological Institute seeks to further a deeper understanding of the religious traditions in Jerusalem: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

  • Ecumenism and Interfaith

    The Church of Sweden is involved in interfaith work both on its own account and in various ecumenical contexts, for instance together with its partner churches in LWF, in KV, in Porvoo and SKR. In 2008 an Interfaith Climate Summit was organized in Uppsala. The church was instrumental in founding the Swedish Interfaith Council in 2010, where it is represented by the Archbishop of Uppsala.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

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